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  • Ronald:Thanks for giving us The Kingdom touch.I will keep this project and the team behind it in prayer.
  • Angela: My name is Angela. I live in Alabama. I just completed a Christian CD. Can my music be played?
  • Diana: its good 4 the word of God 2 be preached & known by the people in the world so as 2 change their souls.
  • Ruth: i see a bright future, this is good. just tuned in and i feel blessed.
  • Nelson: You have touched my life .joy has come onto my lips.
  • Dan: I sent my application but u haven't called me for an interview why?.
  • Hasifa: This voice has helped us during our honey moon.
  • Racheal: We aim at reaching more young people through Gospel Radio. Please share this link with a friend, God bless you.
  • Youth for Charity Missions Int
  • Bunang Baswa[S.A]
  • Net of African Youth 4Development
  • Mariel Torres International
  • City of Refuge
  • Africa Harvest Mission
  • Family Radio 105.3Fm[Uganda]
  • Manos Las Obra[Texas,USA]

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We are glad you've tuned in and hope you enjoy our programming. YR is a not-for-profit Christian radio station on the Internet that provides commercial-free worship music in all languages. Thanks for listening!

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